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I had an amazing day with CarKraft at Silverstone today. Many thanks to all the people who make it possible. Get booked asap people.

Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic afternoon yesterday. We really enjoyed it and picked up lots of tips as well. Our instructors - Andy and Jason - were both professional and friendly and we took away new ideas from your session as well. All in all an educational and fun afternoon out. Thanks again for a great afternoon.

Just wanted to express a big thank you following the session I attended today. It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a truly unique experience, combining education and practical skills. I really appreciate the efforts of everyone involved, which will leave a deep impression.

On the day, you will take part in three dynamic workshops led by road safety professionals:

Safer Driving workshop

This interactive session looks at dispelling many of the myths and misunderstandings around speed, drink/drug driving, mobile phones, seat belts/in car safety and attitudes towards other road users.

Qualified drivers in classroom

Kick Plate/Ice Hill

The Kick Plate is a movable metal plate set flush with the road surface and triggered remotely as the car travels over it thereby generating the effect of a loss of wheel traction.

The Ice Hill generates the feel of sheet ice with controlled water jets. You will explore car control under extreme road conditions. You will also learn to understand how the car handles and how ABS (anti-lock brakes) work.

You will also learn how to carry out simple and potentially lifesaving vehicle safety checks.

Qualified driver, driving car

Observed Drive

This is not an assessment or driving lesson, but a chance to drive on predetermined routes, comprising both motorway and rural roads, whilst under the guidance of a highly trained Police Advanced Driver. They will suggest advanced techniques for you to integrate into your driving, together with building skills of observation, anticipation, and awareness to help make you a safer, more confident driver.

Each of the elements is programmed to run for 1 hour and you will be using cars provided by Volvo Cars UK. 

Qualified driver on skid pan
Qualified driver driving

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Qualified driver on skid pan

Qualified Drivers

A person who has passed their practical driving test and holds a full UK licence or equivalent national licence.

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Learner driver in car

Young Non-Drivers

A person who does not hold a full or provisional driving licence and must be 15yrs +

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