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The scheme is open to qualified drivers aged 17-30 years and young non-drivers aged 15 years or over. This allows us to run two events simultaneously and provides invaluable, potentially lifesaving skills.

Qualified driver driving

Waiting List

Register your interest for the 2024 events and we will contact you when dates are released.

Qualified driver on skid pan

Qualified Drivers

A person who has passed their practical driving test and holds a full UK licence or equivalent national licence.

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Learner driver in car

Young Non-Drivers

A person who does not hold a full or provisional driving licence and must be 15yrs +

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Hello Keith I’d just like to say a quick thank you to you and your team. My son really loved his experience this morning. Hopefully we will see you in a couple of years when we has passed his test.

Thank you for inviting me to the CarKraft event on Saturday, it was a great experience and I feel it was received really well by the other attendees. This is something I feel that every driver, experienced or not, could take advantage of. It was well run by knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional trainers from Highways, Police and staff at Porsche.

First time I've driven a car today. Can't wait to learn next year.