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It can sometimes take a while to come through. Please check your junk/spam box before contacting us

Due to the popularity of the event, you are restricted to one booking per person per session per year. Please see booking Terms & Conditions.

It is possible to reschedule to a subsequent event provided you give adequate notification that you are unable to attend your original course. However re-booking will also be subject to availability of places on other events.

Yes they can, however we ask that they respect the facilities and use them appropriately.

No you don’t.

Sadly you don’t.

Unfortunately, we don't. However, we don't want to exclude anybody from taking part and if you drive a modified car then please let us know beforehand. You will be able to use your own car and we are happy to make the arrangements for you to take part.

There are 5 simple stages: 1. Register with CarKraft 2. Log in to your account 3. Add your participants (as many as you like) 4. Assign your participants to a session 5. Confirm your booking

The Driver event is scheduled to last for approximately three hours. Learner Driver training lasts around 2 hours.

Yes the learner driver event is specifically for people who have not yet driven, giving them their first driving experience in a controlled environment.

Yes you can.

When you book your course please ensure that you tick the box to indicate that this is the case, in order that we can provide an appropriate vehicle for you to complete your training.

We have been fortunate to secure some funding which has enabled us to cover the costs of the day without charging people to attend. You can re-book and do it again though.

I’m afraid there is no food available at the Porsche Experience Centre, but tea, coffee and soft drinks are available.

Please ring us on 07583 596377 or leave a message

Sign up for our Learner Driver sessions.

We reserve the right to administer a cancellation fee if we do not receive 48hrs notice that you will not be attending. This is a free event and by not turning up you will have denied someone else a place.

Yes - the registered person making the booking will receive an e-mail reminder a week before the date of the event.

No, unless you have to drive a modified car
Qualified driver driving

Waiting List

Register your interest for the 2024 events and we will contact you when dates are released.

Qualified driver on skid pan

Qualified Drivers

A person who has passed their practical driving test and holds a full UK licence or equivalent national licence.

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Learner driver in car

Young Non-Drivers

A person who does not hold a full or provisional driving licence and must be 15yrs +

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