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Qualified Drivers

Just feedback from Saturday, I was nervous as going in on my own. As soon as I arrived I went start in to driving on the road, the officer (Neil) made me feel so relaxed immediately. The rest of the morning, was great, learning about traction control and ABS systems, were so reassuring, as I drive my two children and as a new driver I haven’t driven on ice yet. Thank you so much, it was absolutely amazing.
Just wanted to express a big thank you following the session I attended today. It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a truly unique experience, combining education and practical skills. I really appreciate the efforts of everyone involved, which will leave a deep impression.
Thank you for inviting me to the CarKraft event on Saturday, it was a great experience and I feel it was received really well by the other attendees. This is something I feel that every driver, experienced or not, could take advantage of. It was well run by knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional trainers from Highways, Police and staff at Porsche.
Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic afternoon yesterday. We really enjoyed it and picked up lots of tips as well. Our instructors - Andy and Jason - were both professional and friendly and we took away new ideas from your session as well. All in all an educational and fun afternoon out. Thanks again for a great afternoon.
I wanted to provide some feedback on the event. The workshop talk was really informative and kept interesting by the information being in small chunks. It was very effective. Stu, our driving mentor for the driving section, was fantastic. Very humorous and the feedback provided was very helpful. Lastly our skid pan and ice hill instructor was fantastic. I believe it was Mike (he works part time 4 hours a week... should help narrow it down if it wasn't mike!). He ensured we understood the benefits of the exercises we were doing but ensured it was as fun as possible in his own words "to make sure we remember it if we need it". Overall me and my partner couldn't fault the day. It was brilliant throughout and well run. A big thanks to the CarKraft team and the Porsche Experience Centre team.
I had an amazing day with CarKraft at Silverstone today. Many thanks to all the people who make it possible. Get booked asap people.

Young Non-Drivers

Being advised by police officers about safety on the roads. Getting the opportunity to drive at Silverstone and getting a chance to get behind the wheel without being on the open roads. Being advised about insurance and driving lessons. The extremely relaxed atmosphere - laid back yet informative.

Just to say thank you for the event on Sunday at Silverstone it was well run and organised, Sam thoroughly enjoyed it, I was surprised how well he did driving for the first time, if there are other similar events please could you let me know if possible.

CarKraft was fab thank you, I really enjoyed it. Just wish it could've been longer! Thanks for arranging it for us

Just to say a big thank you for today, Sunday 15th June. The girls had a fantastic time. Hopefully I'll be there in September's event.

First time I've driven a car today. Can't wait to learn next year.

My 15 year old son absolutely loved this! He learnt so much. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you!

I thought the day was really well planned out and fun, the driving part was very good and class room time gave you something to think about. I enjoyed the day, loved the driving part and it was interesting!!! I would love to do it again!!


Many thanks for arranging for myself and my son, Paul to attend the CarKraft Experience at the Porsche Driving Experience. We both had a "Great Day" and had a wonderful experience "PERFECT". I personally learnt a lot, which I hope will help me to pass my IAM test.

It was very good thank you! Found it extremely helpful especially the skid plane part. I also went out driving with a police officer in the car which was interesting but he gave me lots of helpful pointers on ways to improve my driving. Thank you again for organising a separate spot for me I appreciate it.

What an excellent programme and opportunity for young pre-and post-drivers. I thought the day was very well put together.

The driving event which I attended last Saturday was outstanding. I believe that giving young drivers the earliest opportunity to get behind the wheel under the best possible supervision is really important. And I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to drive having not done so for over 18 months. I really appreciate being accommodated so well without any fuss. And it's certainly helped my confidence so that when I do finally get my licence back in the spring once I have passed the medical threshold I know that I can still drive ok.